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"Working one-on-one with Debbi changed my life forever.  Having been through the same thing with her finances, she was extremely empathic but honest.  She didn't hold back, but everything she advised was on point.  I had finally had enough of being broke and thanks to Debbi and her tough love, I am debt free and on the road to building wealth."  Susie R.

"Thanks you so much to be there for us and our personal finances helping. That will change my life.  My family life.  It's so amazing how we can help people with some small tools.  Small tools we can apply day after day after day.  Small tools to make a Big Life happens!.  Thanks so much Debbi!"  Mathieu L., Canada

"Thank you so much. You're great. We listened the podcast with my daughters in the car (11 and 13). We are planning to do this together!!!  Thanks"  Ana D.

"I have been reading all of the great resources included in your Adulting Survival Kit.  ​Your books are awesome and full of information I have never heard before.  I believe this will change my finances forever.  Your budgeting course is awesome!  Thank you for including it.  It is short, sweet and to the point.  I am putting the information into practice and it is working.  Thanks again for this awesome resource.  It's a must for every young adult out there."   Stephanie M.